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Your wedding day will be one of the most important of your life.  We all know what a traditional, cookie cutter wedding looks like - the church, photos, hotel reception with a disco or band.    We believe that your wedding should be a true reflection of your personalities.  The options for your venue, location, food choices, music, colour scheme, theme are endless these days!  We want to provide you with the opportunity to make it YOUR day in every way.  Don't be limited by what others 'think' your wedding should be like - It's YOUR BIG DAY.

Head over to our 'Inspiration Corner' to get some ideas for what your big day could look like.  You can also view the details of endless suppliers, whatever you have in mind for your wedding.      

Meet Mark & Dee

After helping our daughter with her special day a couple of years ago, and then with planning our own wedding, it became very obvious to us how difficult it was to find suppliers and venues that would cater to anything more than a traditional style wedding.  We wanted out special days to be a reflection of our personalities and the things we like.  That's why we came up with this site - to help others to plan their day to be whatever they could want it to be - and to realise that actually - the options are endless.